Big Top Blitz (2016-Present) 

Co-Concept Design/Co-Art Direction

The game is simple: one player, using an HTC Vive and represented in VR as a floating clown head and hands, attempts to build and defend a tower of virtual wooden blocks. Their exploits are projected on a large screen behind them, for all in the room to see. Meanwhile, the other three players (the “demo team”), stand in assigned positions with their smartphones and attempt to topple the tower by aiming and firing circus cannons. The clown is able to deflect the incoming projectiles, using objects in the enviornment.

After the allotted time, if the tower stands above a certain height, the clown wins. Meanwhile, the shooter with the most direct hits, gets to take their turn as clown and, if there are more than four people wishing to play, the demo team is rotated out.

Not only is this a very fun and competitive social game, but it also allows a potentially quite large group of people to share a single VR setup.