Metroid/Zelda Mashup Tribute

A year ago, I created a mashup of the themes from Metroid and Zelda. This is now on my music page. It was composed with Stagelight and arranged/mixed/mastered with Harrison Mixbus. Enjoy!

New Music Tracks

Been dropping tracks on Soundcloud like crazy because I’m submitting links to my music as part of a portfolio for grad school.

Go to my Music page and give them a listen!

I’m really proud of “Caribbean Waves. I used Reason 10 and an CME Xkey Air 25 keyboard for that track. A lot of pitch button hammering on that track. I might like the pitch buttons more than a pitch wheel. I got some cool sounds out of them.

”A.I. Seals Our Fate” was created for the Advanced Computer Music Composition course I took last Summer at NYU. I went with an A.I. theme because I used algorithmic music techniques to initially kickstart the track. Perhaps I should have went with a basketball theme because it sounds like something that would be played over the loud speakers during timeouts. I used Ableton Live, Reason 10, and the New School (“Artificial Life” module in Reaktor) to generate this track.

I also revived a semi-secret sort of “side project.” It’s experimental alternative rock, with symphonic movie soundtrack influences; very similar to the band Muse. If you’re interested in hearing this, drop me a line. Maybe I’ll share it with you.