Fallout 4 VR & The Floating Guns Trend

Fallout 4 VR, unfortunately, continues the trend of floating guns in FPS VR games. This really sucks because seeing your character in a game like Fallout -- even if it's just their arms and chest in the first-person perspective -- is crucial to the experience of the game. The main element of the game is creating a character and this method takes away from that. Not to mention, it looks really bad!

There are games where seeing your character is important and there are games where it is not. There are VR experiences where you are playing a character, and where you, yourself, are the main character. There are games like Hotdogs, Hand Grenades, and Horseshoes and SuperHot (which are nothing more than shooting galleries) that are examples of the latter, so seeing your character's arms and body doesn't apply. Ultimately, in these cases, it would be better to see your actual arms and body projected into the environment, something I look forward to becoming more commonplace, but I digress. Crysis and Far Cry are examples of games where you are playing a character, but you are pretty much faceless. Fallout is not these games.

Now, I understand the technical aspects of how seeing virtual arms and them not syncing with your real arms breaks presence (which if you're interested, you can read about here), but I figure by now we would have discovered a solution to this issue (especially a big studio like Bethesda). And we have! Check out the upcoming Oculus game Lone Echo. I hope that the developers of this game share their technique in detail so that other game developers, like myself, can finally buck this trend.